Employment Information



Working in a professional environment

We believe that the HR team is the most important factor in sustainable development strategy of the enterprise. Therefore AMIGO strive to create a professional work environment, friendly to you promote creativity, ability, dedication complete the career aspirations of themselves.

At AMIGO, employees are respected, listened to and shared; Each employee is an important link in a collective solidarity and strong. All the efforts and achievements of our friends have been recognized and rewarded in time. It’s a great motivation to help you find the inspiration and ready to take on new challenges at work.

More than a third of the time of day, you work at the company. Therefore, the responsibility of We bring you the comfort of the spirit, the proactive work to promote you unleash your creativity, an open work environment, friendly, always maintained and stimulate development through sports activities, cultural arts for staff.

Career Development Orientation

AMIGO always respect the talents of each member of the organization. Your career path is clear development plan. You will find yourself standing somewhere and will have the opportunity to develop how to joining AMIGO. The ability to advance in the AMIGO is no limit. Just to prove you are showing us the capacity and confidence of her.

Benefits commensurate with the capacity

With the motto Man is the main factor determining the success or failure of the enterprise, AMIGO very interested in the development and strengthening of human resources. This is reflected in better compliance with the provisions of the Labor Code, regulations and policies of the state, creating favorable conditions for employees in work, study and advancement.

The remuneration policy

Become a member AMIGO you will enjoy incomes policy and Remuneration competitive market. In addition, allowances are always interested in contributing to offset timely, adequate labor, your contribution to the Company.

Other welfare schemes

At AMIGO, the welfare regime has always been confirmed as Member benefits Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance; A medical examination annually; Vacation mode; Mode vacation, holidays in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code; Enjoy the holidays, New Year, Birthday Company .
Unions are concerned, organized activities Visitation, Hieu, Hy to each member of the Company.

Join the training of skills and expertise

We want you to grow and learn many things while working at AMIGO. In addition to the knowledge, professional skills training directly, you also have the opportunity to participate in advanced training and development programs. AMIGO trace the career development and provide specific training programs best suited to help you improve your work efficiency. When your working efficiency is improved, you will be entrusted with the task more challenging and with the active support from colleagues, superiors, your career goals will definitely come true.

Who we look for

To achieve the goal to become the leading supplier in Vietnam for Technology and Solutions for personalized financial services, Amigo lays red carpet to welcome highly qualified employees, who have relevant experiences in the field of Technology, Finance and Data analytics to join our professional team.

General requirements:

  • High level of English proficiency and computer literacy;
  • Being dynamic, enthusiastic, creative, honest, having a sense of responsibility, ability to work under high pressure; and to work independently and in group;
  • Strong knowledge of securities and securities markets, communication skills

Amigo apply a rigorous but simple and user-friendly recruitment process with minimal administrative procedures. Please contact our Human Resources Department for advice on the recruitment process as well as job vacancies.

Work & life at AMIGO

Amigo is proud of its open, friendly and professional working environment, where activeness and creativity are highly encouraged. At Amigo, you will not feel the gap between the top management and staff. There are no room for imposition and arbitrary existence because every individual can speak his/her thoughts, which are seriously heard, respected and understood by others. All employees are encouraged and supported to develop their potential. Every effort is recognized and paid off.

Your success is the success of Amigo.

We also respect and maintain a work – life balance. Regular off-work activities are organized to promote bonding between members of Amigo.

We welcome you!