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Amigo MineralsAmigo Minerals is a Joint Stock Company specializing in mining and processing minerals. We are fully licensed to operate throughout Binh Thuan. Our main products are Ilmenite, Zircon, Rutile, Monazite. Our future products are Zircon Opacifier, Zircon Flour, Titanium Slag, TiO2 Pigment…We are considering to invest an TiO2 pigment plant in the future and selecting appropriate technology to invest an integrated processing line which consist of Titanium Slag and TiO2 Pigment plants.



Exploration strategies are designed to identify opportunities and locate high value heavy mineral strands and deposits. Our exploration activities are concentrated on mineral sands in Binh Thuan province of Vietnam known for the largest reserves of Zircon and other major Ilmenite resources in Vietnam. All exploration activities are strictly obeyed by law and environmental regulations.


Mineral Resource & Ore Reserves

Exploration activities indicated that the reserves of our current mine is enough for our planned integrated processing line at least 35 years. Most of them are mineral sands and able to mine without any restrictions


Mineral Sands Mining

Our annual heavy minerals capacity is 120,000 tpa. Within the known deposits, we are going to mine with wet dredging equipment supplied by IHC Holland with a capacity of up to 400,000 tpa of heavy minerals.


Mineral Sands Separating & Processing

Our separating plant has just been launched. The products are as follows:

Ilmenite: 80,000 tpa

Zircon:   15,000  tpa

Rutile:     4,000  tpa

Monazite:  300   tpa


In 2010 we intend to bring on stream a  Titanium Slag Plant and Zircon Milling Plant



Mineral Sands R&D

Our R&D activities are concentrated on:

Wet dredge mining

Titanium Slag

Zircon Milling

Chlorine Pigment Technology

Current Products





Future Products

Zircon Milling

Titanium Slag

TiO2 Pigment

Investment Opportunities

Amigo Minerals is now developing a full processing line and importing new technology for our large Ilmenite-Zircon feedstock. From Zircon Milling, Titanium Slag to Titanium Dioxide pigment, along with other acquired minerals, we plan to fully explore their commercial potential. We are implementing new sections to upgrade a mineral sands separating factory in Binh Thuan, as well as investing in building an integrated processing line. With vast deposit areas, long term vision and appropriate strategies, our opportunities open up an investment promise of significant returns in the booming mineral industry



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